Tamiya 74003 Angled Tweezers
45,00RON Fără TVA: 45,00RON

These angled tweezers are useful for handling small parts and adding decals to your models. The edge..

Tamiya 74004 Straight Tweezers
34,00RON Fără TVA: 34,00RON

These quality straight tweezers come in handy when adding small parts to your model and for other jo..

Tamiya 74005 Curved Scissors
71,00RON Fără TVA: 71,00RON

These quality scissors come in handy when trimming polycarbonate R/C car bodies. The curved blades e..

Tamiya 74047 HG Angled Tweezers
70,00RON Fără TVA: 70,00RON

These precision made stainless steel tweezers are ideal for handling small, delicate plastic model p..

Tamiya 74048 HG Straight Tweezers
73,00RON Fără TVA: 73,00RON

These precision made stainless steel tweezers are ideal for handling small, delicate plastic model p..

Tamiya 74052 Decal Tweezers
79,00RON Fără TVA: 79,00RON

Ideal for not only small decals but also capable of delicately holding larger decals without damagin..

Tamiya 74056 Cutting Mat (A4)
61,00RON Fără TVA: 61,00RON

Convenient and versatile cutting mat features printed graph, circle, angle and right angle lines for..

Tamiya 74068 Modeling Scissors - For Photo Etched Parts
95,00RON Fără TVA: 95,00RON

Adding photo-etched parts is one of the best ways to give your model a professional-level finish, en..

Tamiya 74069 Plastic Modeling File - Flat 6mm Width
87,00RON Fără TVA: 87,00RON

6mm wide file features wave pattern teeth, and special design to prevent teeth from clogging with..

Tamiya 74076 Cutting Mat - A3 Size
99,00RON Fără TVA: 99,00RON

Handy mat for cutting plastic bands, decals, and masking tape. The large A3 size allows you to cover..

Tamiya 74084 Bending Pliers Mini - For Photo Etched Parts
135,00RON Fără TVA: 135,00RON

These bending pliers are perfect for small photo-etched parts which have no identifiable bending lin..

Tamiya 74091 Plastic Scriber II
40,00RON Fără TVA: 40,00RON

This tool is perfect for tasks such as scoring and cutting plastic sheets, creating mold lines on mo..

Tamiya 74093 Modeler's Side Cutter - Gray
64,00RON Fără TVA: 64,00RON

This Modeler's Side Cutter is designed for use with plastic parts and is ideal for scale models and ..

Tamiya 74118 Cutting Mat - A4 Size / Green
63,00RON Fără TVA: 63,00RON

Every modeler needs a suitable surface upon which to create their masterpieces. The Tamiya cutting m..

Tamiya 74123 Sharp Pointed Side Cutter - For Plastic (Slim Jaw)
175,00RON Fără TVA: 175,00RON

This tool is designed to remove scale model plastic parts from the parts sprue. The sharp jaw blades..

Tamiya 74129 Craft Side Cutter - For Plastic/Soft Metal
141,00RON Fără TVA: 141,00RON

This is another handy cutting tool for the advanced modeler's armory. These side cutters are for use..